Data Cleaning and Batch Append Services – A Complete Guide

Data Cleaning and Batch Append Services A Complete Guide To Supercharging Your Customer Data and Marketing Lists The following information is for anyone interested in learning more about how to benefit from making your business data more meaningful using Data Cleansing and Batch Append Services. This especially goes for those of you with a mentality of working smarter, not harder. If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place! We’re sure you have some questions of your own, but here are some broad topic questions that will be covered: What is a data cleaning service? Why is data append important? How can I benefit from data append services? How to append data in a batch file? Let’s begin by learning a little bit more about what Data Cleansing [...]

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5 Questions to Ask Your Data Cleaning & Append Service Partner

  Are you considering data cleaning as ... An Amazon seller looking to expand the information in your customer database? A financial institution looking to match known customer addresses with phone numbers? An online retailer looking for physical addresses for the members of your email list? A company with out-of-date or inaccurate customer information? A business who is missing key information to market to potential customers in the widest variety of ways? Do any of those sound like you? If so, your business is not living up to its potential. An incomplete customer and marketing database can lead to missed opportunities. Not only may you be unable to connect with a potential customer in your method of choice, you may miss the opportunity to [...]

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Cell Phone Numbers and the SearchBug Day Pass

We recently received a complaint from a customer who purchased a day pass because he was looking for names from cell phone numbers. This is typically called a cell phone number reverse lookup. First a little background on our day pass. It's actually not just for the day, you get the rest of the day you purchase it, plus the full next day until midnight. So, you actually get more than 24 hours. Want to know a secret to get the most time? If you purchase a pass M - F in the morning and it is activated before noon the same day, you would receive 36 hours or more of searches. If for some reason your account is not activated upon purchase, something in your profile triggered our security system and you account is under review. This means someone from our support team will call you the [...]

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Here’s why you shouldn’t put your baby photos online

With all the changes to privacy policies all around the web, it's difficult to keep up. I mean, how many of us actually read, let alone understand all of the legal language built into terms of use. Some sites like searchbug try and keep it simple and in plain English (we actually want people to read it).  But as many sites  grow, and get venture funding, the lawyers start looking at the Terms of use to ensure all liability is mitigated and that the rights of use favor the website shareholders. If you find your eyes glaze over when faced with pages and pages of legalize but you want to use a photo storage or social media site that allows you to upload images and video, it's best to at least read the privacy info. The last thing you want is for your private memories or your kids [...]

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Celebrate May 2014 Holiday with SearchBug Specials

SearchBug celebrates May Day, Cinco De Mayo, National Teacher Day, Mothers Day, Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day and Many others this May 2014. Save up to $50 on annual or $5.00 on monthly subscription prices. Activate your subscription in May and lock in that price for as long as you remain an active subscriber. Here's a list of Holidays celebrated in May 2014.  What's your favorite holiday? Download this holiday list Workers' Day Mother Goose Day No Pants Day Law Day, U.S.A. National Day of Prayer Space Day Loyalty Day National Day of Reason International Tuba Day Maharashtra Day Save the Rhino Day Baby Day May Day Brothers and Sisters Day Indonesia National Education Day World Press Freedom Day World Laughter Day National [...]

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