Free SSN Verification

Free SSN Verification

 Are the Social Security Number validations you perform obtained directly from the Social Security Administration? Our company has new requirements in place and we need to insure that your verifications are an acceptable source.

To answer the question quickly, yes some of it is partially derived from SSA information, however no one can obtain information electronically from the SSA unless they are an employer; and using the information solely to validate employment information on employment applications.

See my published article on this very topic here:

With that said, our SSN verification is derived using several proprietary algorithms which includes data from several proprietary databases cross referenced and verified against information from the SSA high group and allocation information.

We currently have two SSN verification services:

One is Located on Searchbug here and requires a business account:

The other is located on our sister web site here:

Feel free to test them as they are free on a limited bases.

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