Security Fog

It’s safe to say that a new idea is simply a twist on something we already know. Here is an example: We know that when fog comes rolling in off the ocean we have trouble seeing. The twist on this well-known fact is to use fog to make it difficult for a criminal to see and therefore not be able to carry out the criminal act.

Even though the fog is NOT smoke it can look like smoke so the fire department would also be called out. Smoke Screen Systems are devices that activate when a burglar alarm is tripped. The device sends out a thick fog that makes it impossible for the burglar to find the target item and may even prevent the burglar from getting out of the store before the police arrive. The smoke is non-toxic, non-choking, and similar to smoke you see when the magician says, “Presto.”
Several companies have this product but from what I see it’s not available in the USA. Security cameras are rendered useless and police officers won’t enter a building full of fog.

Please comment if you are familiar with Security Fog.

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