How to Obtain Social Security Numbers

How to Obtain Social Security Numbers, DOB, and DMV info (Restricted Personal Data).

Stolen IdentityWith the number of crimes against people rising such as identity theft, personal information must be secure. A name and address alone can’t do much, but if the wrong people get your SSN it can lead to problems.

Most identity theft is still done via stolen mail from unsecured mailboxes or from dumpster diving (just going through your trash or recycling bin). Be sure to shred any important documents including credit card offers, banking statements, cell phone statements, etc. Better yet, go paperless.

To obtain access to this type of sensitive data requires a site inspection  The practice of offering restricted data without site inspections needs to be stopped. It does not matter if it is Microbilt, TLO, Lexis-Nexis, IRB, Locate Plus, SearchBug, or any of the other companies that are out there. If they don’t require a site inspection to get access to sensitive data you’re asking for trouble.

SearchBug offers verified business users the ability to obtain restricted data from our data partners via the restricted access portal.

You need to remember that there is sensitive information being sent via the internet. Dates of Birth, Social Security Numbers as well as a host of other information. While it is critical to have access to this data for thwarting crimes, fraud, tracking deadbeats and debtors, we must be diligent in knowing who really has access to this information to protect everyone.

Site inspections on a home based business or any other business are vital to the continued success of the industry.  We need to know that the information is secure

Restricted Data - Site Inspection Required

Whether your office is in a Class A building, a room in your house, or your garage, a site inspection will afford you the ability to conduct important searches that you otherwise would not have access to.

If you have a home/office, you are still able to obtain a successful site inspection.  A site inspection is typically under $150 (and includes travel time, the on-site inspection, and the follow up report.

If you do not want to pay for a site inspection, you can probably find companies that do not charge for that, however there is a cost somewhere.

No cost site inspection companies typically have monthly minimums or other charges. So as the saying goes, you can pay ne now or you can pay me later

What do you need for a successful site inspection to obtain access to social security numbers and other restricted data?

  1. A locking office door.
  2. A Password Protected Computer(s).
  3. A Paper Shredder (Cross Cut).
  4. A Locking File Cabinet. (Does not have to be fireproof, check craigslist as there are many available if you need one).

If you need access to this type of data, just get it done. Companies want to provide you with the tools you need to do your job, but you need to help them keep up with best practices and ensure the data is in safe hands.