Find out Toll Free & Long Distance Carrier for Free

Find out Toll Free & Long Distance Carrier for Free

Checkout these great free tips about locating the carrier of a Land Line phone as well as the carrier of a Toll Free Phone Number.

Use the more information link below if you need professional reverse phone searches.

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    SMS/800 had announced Nov. 30 that requests from Resp Orgs would not be handled until after Dec. 8. However, on Dec. 1 SMS/800 sent out an second announcement saying that it would resume handling customer record updates on Dec. 4. Toll free number search.

    Both the original long delay, and the later short one, are of great concern to us. Reverse toll free number. Customer record updates are required before service changes, such as the re-assignment of a toll free number to a new customer, or to a different account, can “go live.” As a rule, these updates happen so quickly that our customers think of them as almost automatic.

    According to the original announcement from SMS/800, the processing of service changes was being delayed so that four service control points in the AT&T system could be decommissioned and replaced by new service control points. The means, essentially, that AT&T was replacing older, less reliable systems with new systems.
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