The Google Search Background Check

The good old background check has been employer's go to for a number of years now. Before a reputable company makes their pick of anew employee, they submit for the trusty background check. By the looks of it the background check will be the go to for many years to come; however, these days companies can do a little extra research with a click of a button. What Information is Out there about You? Google, Yahoo, and Bing, just to name a few, have become a huge information source for companies looking to hire. Typing an individual's name into the search bar brings up information you won't see on a background check. Depending on the person being searched, this can be a good thing, or a not so good thing; chances are, some of the information found will not be hire worthy. These [...]

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The Top 10 Dating Sites

Finding a Date Just Got Easier Looking for someone? Ever considered using a dating site to meet people? Dating sites are now the second most popular way couples meet. There are a lot of people who try them out, yet some of us are still a little leery of them. To add to the uneasiness some of us have about dating sites, now there are more sites than ever. How do you choose? Here are the top ten dating sites and a little information about each.  Don't forget to check them out before you go out. A little background check on your date or additional information can help you check them out, before you go out. has been around for quite some time and seems to be a pioneer in the dating industry. They launched on the web back in 1995. Now they are the number one [...]

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Searching for Homes for Sale

Are You Searching For Homes for Sale? - Where Can You Find Your New Home? Searching for a new home is an exciting experience, but with the vastness of the internet, doing your home shopping online can become overwhelming. Each real estate site offers something different. The same home with listings on multiple sites can even cause confusion. Maybe information doesn't match up or you're seeing different asking prices for the same property. When searching for homes online the best way to keep from being overwhelmed is to find a site that meets your needs and stick with it. When you have questions that need answers you can contact agents who make their information available on the site. They'll be familiar with the site and be able to help you find your new home. Trulia Trulia [...]

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6 Things You Can do to Keep Your Kids Safe at New Year’s

Will Your Teen be Safe on New Year's Eve? Kids, when little typically would want to spend New Year's Eve with Mom and Dad or other family members and you'd be fairly certain they would be safe. Once kids become Teens, New Year's Eve is an exciting holiday for late parties and loud celebrations, but to you, a concerned parent, New Year's comes with a number of concerns for your teen's safety. There are tragedies every year on New Year's involving alcohol and driving. As a parent you want to keep your children safe, but also let them have a fun time with friends. You'll have to make some tough calls that your kids may not be too happy about, but following these six things you can do to help keep your kids safe will give you some ease: [list style="gg"] A safe place to [...]

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Top Searches of 2013 According to Bing

What were the Most Popular Searches of 2013? This year brought in billions of Bing searches. Searchers wanted details on everything from the top movies to controversial sports stars. Yearly search trends give us insight on what has captured the attention of people all over the world. According to Bing the top searches include search data from the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Italy, India, Germany, France, China, Canada, Australia, and Brazil. A wide range of movies were released this year. Everything from sci-fi to dramas topped the searches. The number one movie searched in 2013 was the much anticipated "Iron Man 3" film. The animated film "Despicable Me 2" was the sequel to "Despicable Me" and came in at number three in the searches for movies. The remake of the [...]

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