Social Security Number Fraud Q & amp; A

We receive a lot of questions about Social Security Number Fraud which is often tied to Identity theft.One of the most recent Questions was:How would someone determine if a person who is currently using a valid Social Security number is actually the person the number was issued to, and is not just using a valid number in a fraudulent manner?Say for example: Person 'A' has a valid social security number and person 'B' lists the number on their employment records as their social security number. Your Free SSN verification would show the number is actually valid but the number would be being used in a fraudulent manner.Our Answer was:Yes, a Free SSN verification would most likely show the SSN was valid. The only way to figure out if it's being used fraudulently [...]

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Tips & Advice on How to avoid eBay fraud

Are you considering buying something on eBay but afraid of getting ripped off? Well, you're not alone. There are millions of eBay users and the scammers and fraudsters abound. This simple video created by includes great tips and advice for beginner eBay buyers. Warnings include how and what to look for when choosing a seller on eBay.If you're considering a sizable purchase (a few hundred dollars or more) for collectibles or a vehicle perhaps, it's always a great idea to do your homework (background check) and research the seller.About 3 years ago I purchased a medium priced SUV from an eBay seller. Here are the steps I took to ensure I was dealing with a reputable seller.Reviewed all feedback from buyers Made sure seller had sold vehicles [...]

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Secretly Verify if SSN is Legal

Recent questions from customers inquiring about our free social security number verification system. Questions:Am I able to verify if an SSN is legal on your system and is it confidential ? Can I secretly verify if SSN is Legal ? Is your free online SSN verification search private ? Can I do a death search by social security number with your system ? Can I get a free background search by ssn ? If I use your system to search by ssn for free what info do I get ?Answers:In short, yes you can Secretly verify if SSN is legal and it is confidential. It's not necessary to secretly verify SSN information. If you are an employer just trying to find out if someone is providing a valid SSN you can call the SSA or use our system or both. You should not rely on one [...]

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Trace an Email Address – Reverse Email Lookup

Have you ever received an email from someone and really wanted to know who sent it. I'm not talking about finding out who sends you spam or junk mail. I'm talking about a harrassing, threatening, or suspicious email; or maybe even an email you found on your spouses computer (you know, the one he or she didn't want you to read).Until now there really wasn't an effective method for identifing the individuals behind these email addresses. recently finalized an agreement with an expert in email route tracing. These experts have a lot of experience, an excellent track record, and a good success rate. Of course it's not a 100% fool-proof method, but they offer a pretty darn good guarantee if they can't locate any information.No one can guarantee a full name and [...]

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How to View Email Headers

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