3 Government Databases You Must Know About to Stay Safe

For over a decade, the United States has been on high alert to terrorist attacks, just as other parts of the world have too. There are so many world conflicts taking place that a country must take the proper precautions to protect its citizens. In an effort to keep our country safe, the United States Government has put together several government databases listing known criminals, terrorists, products, and companies that may not do import and export business with the U.S. This also means that individuals or entities in the U.S. are forbidden to do business with any person or business that have been blocked, denied, and debarred and appear in these databases. Where Do I Find the Government Databases? There are websites that one can access easily to view the government databases. [...]

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5 Things You Need to Know About Wage Garnishment

What is Wage Garnishment? Wage garnishment is a means for a creditor or agency to collect a debt that is owed by an individual. It could be for past due child support, back taxes, defaulted student loans, a past due credit card, or any other type of monetary judgment filed against an individual by a third party or creditor. A percentage of a debtor's income would be directly deducted from their pay by their employer to repay the debt until it is satisfied. Here are five things one should know about garnishing the wages of an individual: Each state or locality will have its own set of procedures; but most often the creditor, agency, or individual filing the garnishment will take the paperwork and information of the debtor's employer to the local sheriff's office. In turn, the [...]

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13 Ways to Locate Copyright Free Images

If you're looking for images that you can use without copyright infringement there are several sites that offer copyright free images or images with usage rights. The list below has not been completely vetted but you can look through them. Obviously some of these sites come and go and some are easier to navigate than others. Be careful with the word copyright free, and stick to reading the usage rights. I find that using images from the Microsoft site, especially for use in office docs and presentations is fairly a good source and easy to navigate.  If using any of these sites, be sure to read their terms and usage rights for any photo you download or intend to use personally (blogs, social sites, etc.) or commercially (whether electronic or print format you must read all the [...]

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Wireless, Landline, and VoIP Services: What is a Carrier?

Not to be confused with other definitions of "carrier," a wireless, landline, or VoIP carrier is the company that provides service to such a line for a customer's use. In some cases, a carrier can provide both voice and data services. Some services that these companies provide might include only landlines, and some might offer a combination of services for cell, land, and VoIP lines. You might also hear service providers referred to as "network carriers" or "wireless carriers." What is the Difference in Carrier Services? Wireless service is considered to be used with devices such as, cell phone, handheld computers, tablets, satellite television, and internet service. The way these carriers operate is by transmitting radio signals to wireless devices. Some of the more popular [...]

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Review The Reliability of A New Teacher

Using Private Investigator Services to Ensure Children are Safe A principal's job is to ensure students are educated properly and that they are under the guidance of a safe and reliable instructor. A thorough background check must be conducted before hiring a new teacher in order to ensure the safety of the children in a school. It does not matter if you are a principal of a school, run a daycare, or provide tutoring services. If you manage a group of children and hire a new teacher to interact with the children then you are obligated to check into the background of each individual that you hire. While you can't make a hiring decision based on these background checks alone it can help you get a glimpse into the person's history. You can start off with a basic background [...]

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