Conduct a Background Check on a Son or Daughter’s Future Spouse

You may have recently heard great news that your child is soon to get married. Although this is a joyous occasion you may want to spend a little time to investigate (think Background Check) into your son or daughter's future spouse before they are sealed in marriage. This is in no way overstepping your boundaries as a parent; it is your job to protect your children. SearchBug's new feature allows you to hire a private investigator to look into anyone that your child is dating and may marry. You can learn detailed information that the person might be hiding. Help protect your son or daughter so that he or she does not become involved with the wrong person. How Do I Go About this Background Check Investigation? First off, you are going to want to search into any criminal [...]

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Investors Should Capitalize on Private Investigator Services

Before making an investment into a company or individual you should consider hiring a private investigator. Get a good idea of the person or people you are putting your faith and money into. Investing money into a business or individual with a lot of potential can seem promising, but there is always a chance that they are not telling you the truth. You could be getting hustled or the people could just flat out be unreliable. There are a lot of people giving out false promises, so be careful with where you put your money. Where Can I Find a Private Investigator? SearchBug has the solution to help you invest your money wisely. Take advantage of the new private investigator services and allow someone to look into a business or individual that wants you to invest money into them. A [...]

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Learn About a Potential Business Partner

How Well Do You Know Your Potential Business Partner? The decision to enter into business with other people is a big commitment. Both you and your business partners are counting on each other to create a profitable company. What if someone is not telling you something you should know? Before you enter into business with any individual or group of people it is wise to conduct a background check. Learn about a potential business partner with private investigator services offered from SearchBug. This service was added to the website to help people in your position make informed decisions before committing to establish a relationship with an individual. You may want to check into a potential business partner's bank account and credit score. Figure out if he or she actually has [...]

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Find Anyone Online, or Anything

Find Anyone or Anything Online Are you looking for information about your 20-year high school reunion? What about financial information about a company you want to do business with? Do you want to know who lived in the house you're about to buy? Never before has it been so easy and so accessible as it is now to get information on just about anything you can imagine. You can just type your search query into your favorite online search engine and within seconds, you'll get pages and pages returned to you that is chock full of information.  Find Anyone Online & Anything Online Via Searches Online searching is not at all hard to do or difficult to get into. We'll not only show you how to find anyone online, but anything. Online searches can be limiting in some aspects, [...]

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New Private Investigators Available on SearchBug

SearchBug already allows you to find someone you are looking for in a specific city or state, but now additional search features have been added to the website. New private investigator services are now available on SearchBug. Expand your search and learn more about a person than just his or her basic information. This feature is perfect for landlords since you can learn about a new potential tenant and whether or not he or she is fit for living in one of your units. How Can Landlords Find a Private Investigator Helpful? When you narrow your search for tenants to rent one of your properties to a selected number of candidates a private investigation can help determine the most promising individuals. Private investigators can check a person’s current employment status to determine [...]

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